My gift to the world.
(C) 2008 Luinrandir, son of Herne

Know your heart and what you want and what you need. There are those who will offer you the world at the expence of your inner beauty, and those who offer will help you to become the beautiful being your are. Learn to know the difference. You will have many teachers in life, some will teach you how to be, some will teach you how not to be.

Live in the here and now, learn the asian philosophies of Zen, The Tao and I Ching. Practice Love in all things you do. That is to say, nurture yourself and others, share and be aware of your surroundings, for we are all droplettes of Diety who have been fooled into thinking we are merely human. If you only knew what we could be, you would see the worlds insanity. There is no them, and there is no you, there is only us, for together, we are Sacred Spirit on a material sojourn.

Let go of religions, they will only hold you back, for universal bliss is not a religion, it is a philosophy that you practice with every thought, word and action. Visualize the world you want to live in. Greed, anger, hate, jealousy and posessiveness will eventually wither away your inner child and you will become vain and bitter.

Be innocent, but not ignorant, for the unenlightened are flawed and find their security in controling you. Beleive in the goodnes of all people. Frightened people do frightening things. Loving people nurture and bring healing. yet be aware, some people are very secure in their insercurities, for a change in their surroundings often mean change within is neccessary, and this causes them fear..

You are a droplette of The Source, The One, The Oversoul, God/Goddess and all the names of the Divine Ones. When you die, all things of the spirit, will you take with you and all things of the material will be left behind. Live to leave this earth a complete spiritual being. Take the gift of Great Love back with you to share with Deity. Excell in inner peace. Practice meditation in whatever form you choose.

Embrace Nature and all you experience in the palm of your hand, for in the flowing river of life, everything changes. Do not be afraid of change!

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. For those who you feel have wronged you have long forgotten their actions. Do not relive the event by holding on to hate or fear. Let it go and begin the healing. We will each be wronged by someone, somewhere in life... let it go and be free to live.
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